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  • All children have equal rights
  • All children should be encouraged to fulfill their potential
  • Everybody has a responsibility to support the care and protection of children.
  • The child's views should be taken into account where major decisions are to be made about his or her future
  • Organizations working with children have a duty to care for children
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KIWOHEDE we really appreciate those people who understand our desire to eliminate all forms of abuse, sexual violence, and exploitation through policy and community engagement, reproductive health and institutionalization of strategies to prevent, rescue, rehabilitate and integration mechanisms for vulnerable and affected children, youth and women. Decide to work with us. For us, volunteers are those who decides to spent their time, money, creativity and energy to work with us toward a certain goal.

In most cases we do not pay our volunteers because of the need rises to accomplish our goals. So please if you decide to help us we are asking you to kindly do it wholeheartedly and if we manage to get anything for our children we will consider everybody who helped us.Currently we consider volunteers depending on ourcalendar, so if you are interested to give us a hand please Email us direct from Contact page or call us and For more KIWOHEDE updates please keep your eyes at our News & Events page, face book fan page (Kiwohede HQ) also Twitter account (KIWOHEDE1), Instagram (kiwohedeHQ), YOUTUBE (kiwohede). 

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