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  • All children have equal rights
  • All children should be encouraged to fulfill their potential
  • Everybody has a responsibility to support the care and protection of children.
  • The child's views should be taken into account where major decisions are to be made about his or her future
  • Organizations working with children have a duty to care for children
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KITE II Project: It is a three years (2019-2021) project funded by WeWorld,it is implemented in two municipals which are Kinondoni and Temeke,Dar es salaam.The project specific objective is to increase the school retention for the most vulnerable children within the project schools in Temeke and Kinondoni districts in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania through the improvement of the quality of education and the child protection system in the school communities.It covers 4 primary schools in Temeke Municipal which are Buza,Bwawani,Kibondemaji and Mtoni Kijichi.In Kinondoni Municipal the project covers 6 primary schools which are Ally Hapi,Bunju A,Kawe A,Kheri Missinga,Mtambani and Tumaini.


The CTM Project has been implemented by Kiota Women Health and Development (KIWOHEDE) in partnership with Terre des Hommes Netherlands (TdH-NL) in Ukerewe district, Mwanza region for the duration of 13 months (August 2019 to August 2020). The project aims to reduce child trafficking (CT) for domestic labour and all sort of violence, abuses and exploitation to children in Ukerewe district. The implementation of the project covers 8wards including Bwisya, Bukungu, Nansio, Bukongo, Ilangala, Murutunguru, Bukanda and Muliti within the 4 relevant Islands found in Ukerewe district Council. The direct beneficiaries of this project are children aged 10-17 years and communities (parents/care-givers, teachers, community leaders (religious and traditional), government officials such as police, law enforcers, social welfare officers, community development officers and education officers as well as other key players (CSOs/NGOs and CBOs). Since an inception of the project August 2019, the project has managed to reached out 6477 children(2872 boys, 3605) and 28716 adults(13529 M, 15187 F) through radio sessions, stakeholder meetings and community dialogues sensitization sessions with children education support and legal aid.


Dar el salaam cluster with the support from Children Rights and Violence Prevention Fund (CRVPF) are implementing a project of Strengthening Dar Es Salaam Adolescent Girls Voice Power and Rights Movements in four districts Ilala, Kinondoni, Kigamboni and Temeke. This project is being been implemented with partnership with Dar Es Salaam cluster which comprise the four girls group namely Jitambue group (Temeke), Social empowerment group (Kigamboni), Juhudi girls (Ilala) and Wadada wa Leo (Kinondoni) and KIWOHEDE as lead organization.

The project beneficiaries are Adolescent Girls age (14-19) targeted to reach 100 girls directly and 900 adolescent girls indirectly, project time frame is two years 2020 to 2021. The main objective of the project is to empower adolescent girls exercising power of their voice, to transform and change the structures that deny them their rights. The project has the following four specific objectives;

Strengthening safe spaces for adolescent girls to elevate their Voices 

Increasing knowledge of issues of Girls power and voice to Government, Community leaders and Community members. 

Strengthening existing groups of girls to create Movements to advocate for girls. 

Strengthening referral system in response to Gender Based Violence issues by Girls

  Sauti Mpya Project

Sauti Mpya Project is a two year project ( March 2020- March 2022 ) funded by WeWorld and being implemented in partnership with Tanzania Data Lab (dLab), Development Information Organization (TADIO), Tanzania Bora Initiative (TBI) Union of Tanzania Press Cubs (UTCP) Tanzania Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children (MoHCDGEC) 

Geographical Sauti Mpya project covers three regions of Tanzania Mainland: (1) Mbeya region (Kyela District Council, Mbeya City Council, Mbeya District Council); (2) Mtwara region (Masasi District Council, Masasi Town Council, Mtwara District Council, Mtwara Municipal Council); and (3) Kigoma region (Kakonko District Council, Kasulu District Council, Kasulu Town Council, Kibondo District Council, Kigoma-Ujiji Municipal Council).

The Project aim to empower women and youth through improved access to information about their rights ;secondly increasing the opportunities they have to raise their concerns through established structures at community level and thirdly to enhancing prevention and protection mechanisms at community level by involving community members.

Uwezo Tunao Project 

Uwezo Tunao Project is a two year project (July 2019- March 2021) the project is funded by Women Fund Tanzania targeting Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW) and community generally covering Kigoma Ujiji Municipal and Mwanza regions In Mwanza the project is implemented in Buhongwa, Buzuruga, Kisesa and Mhandu wards and in Kigoma region is being implemented in Katubuka, Buzebazeba, Gungu and Kibirizi wards

Uwezo Tunao is geared to engage and equip Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW)

With the skills, upraise, and elevate their conscience to exercise the power of their voice, feminism and enhance their ability to Fight Gender based violence, Sex Corruption and Sextortion among migrant and local Adolescent Girls and Young Women 


Bunju Multipurpose Project funded by Weworld, efforts continued with its efforts of improving and strengthening the capacity of the KIWOHEDE Bunju B Multipurpose training Center, which shelters and supports children who are victims of trafficking, commercial sexual exploitation, domestic work, domestic violence, sexual violence (including rape resulting from children’s own fathers and other members of the families) and those who underwent child marriage and are young mothers. The targeted direct beneficiaries’ age is 10-21 years (90% girls, 10% boys). In the year 2019, Bunju Center targeted out to new cases identified of 50 HDVC&Y from all parts of Dar es Salaam plus 147 students already identified in the year 2018. Out of the 147, 3 students were attending the primary public schools, 129 students are attending the Basic Open Distance Education Learning Program (ODL) and 15 students the Vocational Education and Training (VET) program at the Bunju Multipurpose Center. In the year 2019 and 2020, the total number of targeted beneficiaries at the Center was 200 (53 newly identified and 147 already benefiting from the program). This project is funded by Weworld Tanzania and Kiota London.

ASRH PROJECT-Simiyu, Dodoma, and Kigoma

Kiota Women’s Health and Development Organization (KIWOHEDE), a non–governmental organization is implementing a project called “Improving access of SRH/FP information to young women” in Simiyu, Dodoma and Kigoma regions with funds from UNFPA. The targeted project beneficiaries are adolescent and youth aged 10-24 years. The project aims at providing information and creating demands to access and utilization of youth friendly services corners (YFSCs) so as to help youths and young women to have the access for accurate information and the safe, effective, affordable and acceptable contraception methods of their choice on when to decide having children, number of children and when to stop having children. In addition to that youth to be informed and empowered to protect themselves from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and helping young women to have access to services that help them to have a fit pregnancy, safe delivery and health baby. The project has trained about 110 health providers on provision of youth friendly services, trained about 165 youth as peer educators and refurbishment of 13 youth friendly services corners for the provision of SRH information and services to the targeted project areas. 

Under the support of United Nation Population Fund (UNFPA) this project is conducted by involving 65 peer educators who were trained and allocated at 13 Youth Friendly Services corners (YFSCs). These YFSC’s were built in all six districts of Simiyu region which are Bariadi TC, Bariadi DC, Maswa DC, Itilima DC, Busega and Meatu DC with the main aim of providing the access of friendly services to Youth concerning their sexual and reproductive health. In Kigoma the project is implemented in five councils of Kasulu TC, Kasulu DC, Kibondo DC, Kakonko DC and Uvinza DC while in Dodoma region the project is implemented in two councils; Chamwino DC and Dodoma City council.

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