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  • All children have equal rights
  • All children should be encouraged to fulfill their potential
  • Everybody has a responsibility to support the care and protection of children.
  • The child's views should be taken into account where major decisions are to be made about his or her future
  • Organizations working with children have a duty to care for children
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Here are some websites and blogs relating to leadership, sustainable development, development and governance in Africa, and public service leadership development:



Sustainable Development

African Development Bank Group
 - Climate Change

"Fighting global poverty and climate change are the two most important battles of this century..."

African Climate Policy Centre - United Nations Economic Commission for Africa

“Policy think tank to address the impact of climate change”

Collective Leadership Institute

“Building competence for sustainability.”

Columbia School of International and Public Affairs

“…educating professionals who work in public, private and nonprofit organizations to make a difference in the world.”

Earth Institute, Columbia University

“The Earth Institute brings together the people and tools needed to address some of the world's most difficult problems, from climate change and environmental degradation, to poverty, disease and the sustainable use of resources.”

Global Development Network

“…International Organization of developing and transition country researchers, policy and research institutes promoting the generation, sharing, and application to policy of multidisciplinary knowledge for the purpose of development.”

Governance and Social Development Resource Centre

“…aims to help reduce poverty by informing policy and practice in relation to governance, conflict and social development.”

Green Economy Coalition

“Creative solutions to multiple global challenges by linking people, planet and prosperity.”

International Growth Centre

“…aims to promote sustainable growth in developing countries by providing demand-led policy advice based on frontier research.”

Green Growth Knowledge Platform

“…global network of researchers and development experts that identifies and addresses major knowledge gaps in green growth theory and practice.”


“Inspiring leadership for a sustainable world.”

Natural Resource Charter

“The Charter is a set of principles for governments and societies on how to best harness the opportunities created by extractive resources for development.”

New Security Beat

“…blog of the environmental change and security program.”

Sustainable Africa
 - Environment

“…among the Internet's largest content sites, posting over 1000 stories daily in English and French and offering a diversity of multi-lingual streaming programming as well as over 900,000 articles in our searchable archive.”

 - Sustainable Development

“Ideas worth spreading”

United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs
 - Division for Sustainable Development

“…an authoritative source of expertise within the United Nations system on sustainable development.”

United Nations Research Institute for Social Development

“…carries out research on social dimensions of contemporary problems affecting development.”

World Bank
 - Blogs


World Bank Development Education Programme on Sustainable Development

“…the World Bank's web site of classroom-ready sustainable development materials…”

You Tube
 - Leadership and Sustainable Development


Yale Environment 360

“…online magazine offering opinion, analysis, reporting and debate on global environmental issues.”



Development and Governance in Africa

African Capacity Building Foundation

“Building sustainable human and institutional capacity for poverty reduction in Africa”

African Community of Practice of Managing for Development Results

“Promotes learning and knowledge exchange among public managers, organizations, executing agencies and practitioners on how to manage for better development results.”

African Economic Outlook

“…wide country coverage and methods of analysis are essential for anyone seeking to understand the economic, social and political developments of African countries.”

African Economic Research Consortium

“Providing the evidence base for policy making in Africa.”

Africa Portal

“…online knowledge resource for policy-related issues on Africa.”

Africa Power and Politics

“…identifying ways of exercising power and doing politics that work for development. …questioning conventional ideas about what ‘good governance’ should mean in the context of sub-Saharan Africa.”

Africa Progress Panel

“…consists of a group of distinguished individuals chaired by Kofi Annan who generously lend their time to track and encourage progress in Africa, and to underscore shared responsibility between African leaders and their international partners for sustaining it.”


“An African-led series of national public attitude surveys on democracy and governance in Africa.”

Kofi Anan Foundation

“…works to promote better global governance and strengthen the capacities of people and countries to achieve a fairer, more secure world.”

Mo Ibrahim Foundation

“…supports good governance and great leadership in Africa.”

Tanzania Development Gateway

“…provides and promotes on-line networking, sharing, exchange and dissemination of knowledge, ideas and information on development matters.”

Tanzania On-line

“…information on development issues in Tanzania.”

 - Development in Africa

“Ideas worth spreading”

United Nations Economic Commission for Africa

“Promoting Regional Integration in support of the African Union vision and priorities. …Meeting Africa's special needs and emerging global challenges.”


Public Service Leadership Development

Commonwealth Association for Public Administration and Management

“…forum for the active exchange of innovations, knowledge and practice in citizen-centered service delivery, leadership development and growth, and public service management and renewal.”

Commonwealth Secretariat
 - Public Sector Development

“…areas such as Information and Communication Technologies for development, corporate governance, stronger local government and effective public financial management.”

Government Leaders

“Promoting great leadership and management for the public service.”


If you have any suggestions for information we should have on our website relating to strategic leadership for sustainable development in Africa then please email us, so that we can share your resource with others.

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