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  • All children have equal rights
  • All children should be encouraged to fulfill their potential
  • Everybody has a responsibility to support the care and protection of children.
  • The child's views should be taken into account where major decisions are to be made about his or her future
  • Organizations working with children have a duty to care for children
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KIWOHEDE works through counseling, support and care, rehabilitation and alternative program for child vulnerable to commercial sex work, domestic workers, trafficked girls and those sexually abused and other vulnerable children and youth. KIWOHEDE provides a youth oriented training and skills enhancement , which teaches reading and writing skills, tailoring, tie and dye, embroidery, agriculture, food processing, cookery, carpentry, sculpturing, small scale mining, weaving and other important vocational skills. The program also teaches life skills including reproductive health and family planning and works on the prevention of HIV/AIDS, teen pregnancies, early marriages, and school drop outs, emphasis is put on primary and secondary abstinence. Also organizes the outreach program and theatre art, to sensitize children youth and community at large on various issues. Kiwohede also runs a credit scheme that teaches the means and skills in production activities that can generate incomes and sustain children and youth livelihood. Promotes marketing and employability skills among young people has also been the focus, The centers also have a child psychosocial counseling program and a reproductive health education program for young people at the age of 10-24  years in all districts where  KIWOHEDE works.



    The adolescent sexual reproductive health project is a two years project implemented in four wards in Kahama Town Council and Msalala District Council. The wards are Busoka and Mhongolo in Kahama Town Council, Shilela and Lunguya in Msalala District Council. The project is implemented by KIWOHEDE in collaboration with Kahama town council and Msalala District council with funds from UNFPA. The initiative’s primariry target population of the project is young out of school adolescents’ girls aged 10-19 in the four wards. 

  2. Awareness Raising Against Child Labour/Domestic workers                                                    

    WEKEZA is the joint project to support the initial Tanzania’s Time Bound Program on the elimination of Worst Forms of Child Labor in the country. WEKEZA is funded by the US Department of Labor (USDOL) for 4 years .The project targets regions where there is high prevalence of child labor in agriculture (sisal and tobacco subsectors) and domestic work. WEKEZA is implemented in a consortium of 6 partners, including the lead agency, International Rescue Committee (IRC), World Vision (WV), Foundation for the Civil Society (FCS), Tanga Youth and Development Association (TAYODEA), Kiota Women‘s Health and Development (KIWOHEDE) and the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) of the University of Dar Es Salaam. The project area is Kigoma and Tanga regions.


    Street children joint project refers to the emergency and long term care solutions for the children out of home care, with focus on improving the situation of urban street children and other vulnerable children in Dar es Salaam. The Implementation of the project is under the   three active street children organizations, namely   KIWOHEDE, MAKINI and DOGODOGO CENTER responding to urgent and long term needs of the situation of the children in the street in Dar es Salaam the organizations are funded by UNICEF. The main aim of the project is to strengthen child protection mechanism and systems in Dar es Salaam with immediate identification of the new arrivals, rescue and re-integration including the access to the services like provision of food, provision of shelter to most needy and clothing facilitation of street  children independent living and strengthening of the referral system. The project covers the three MUNICIPALS in Dar es Salaam, Kinondoni, Ilala and Temeke with respect to the 25 wards, whereby Kiwohede operates in 15 wards and the remaining 10 wards are covered by Dogo dogo and MAKINI works within the same wards of concentration for the artistic social counseling and self esteem building.

  4. BUNJU CENTRE; MULTIPURPOSE TRAINING AND EDUCATION PROJECT                                               

    KIWOHEDE Bunju Centre  is among 22 psychosocial and safe home centre’s of Kiota Women Health and Development Organization  once established across the country  .The centre was established by KIWOHEDE in support of ILO and  KIOTA  - London  some of the  child care and support  activities from time to time has been facilitated with funds from US Embassy, ILO, UNICEF, MOWE and Kiota UK in London and other Good Samaritans  from across the country .The   education activities and vocational training skills offered at the centre aims to improve the  standard of life among  vulnerable children and young women identified from the extremely poor and disadvantaged families within the communities of Dar es Salaam city and those severely sexually  abused, violated  and exploited and are in crisis .  The centre manages crisis, supports girl’s safety and offers skills and long term livelihood alternatives which helps them to better their lives


    In partnership with AMREF, KIWOHEDE implements SRHR Project in Ilala and Kinondoni district, The TUITETEE program reaches vulnerable youth, and adolescents at the age of 10- 24 years. Who are working in prostitution and are found in brothels, night clubs, bar, guest houses and those who live in ghettos, domestic workers as well are targeted as primary beneficiaries as also they face multiple sexual abusive situations. Main project activities includes awareness raising on issues related to  reproductive health , HIV/AIDS, STIs, Drug addiction, unwanted pregnancy and its associated complications. The project is supported by AMREF.                                                   

  6. Prevention and Rescuing Children from Commercial Sexual exploitation through community awareness raising on child rights and CSEC

    This is a new project for two years, which has just commenced .the project will be implemented in 10 wards of Mtwara Mikindani Municipal in Mtwara region. The overall objective of the project is to contribute towards the protection of vulnerable and abused children in Tanzania. The target beneficiaries for the project are children who are either engaged on CSEC or at risk of engaging in CSEC. The project indirect beneficiaries will include community members, children in Primary Schools,Child Protection stakeholders (police, Social Welfare Officers, Judiciary, Local NGO/CBOs) and  community leaders

    The project will use multiple strategies to address the problem of CSEC in Mtwara. Firstly, the project will seek to break the cycle and culture of silence around problems by fostering constructive community and district owned responses through community engagement and awareness.  This will be explored and coordinated in a participatory approach to facilitate community dialogue, interrogate issues and find local solutions to dominant practices embedded within local norms and traditions. Secondly, the project will provide withdrawal and rehabilitative services to children at risk of CSEC or victims of CSEC.

    Thirdly, the program will strengthen community protection mechanisms to combat and prevent child sexual abuse and CSEC. Lastly, the project will promote opportunities for advocacy and policy engagement to gather input that feed into national legal and policy framework for enactment of laws, statutory instruments and policies that are responsive to practical needs of all children in communities, districts and the country. The project is funded by the Terres De Hommes –Netherland

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